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Learn more about CallLocker and find out why we've built this amazing bit of software that'll transform the way you do business.

Why have we built Call Locker?

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, we have come a long way since developing our first piece of software almost twenty years ago. For our team of experienced programmers and marketers, the journey has just begun with Call Locker, and to be the best call tracking software on the market, our system evolves each day which is incredibly exciting for everyone involved.

Our Team

Our team has a collective fascination with internet technologies, digital marketing, and business systems and for many years, like many in our respective industries, we highlighted a real flaw between campaign reporting, and the manual entry of inbound telephone calls.

A few of us set out to bridge the gap between the telephone call and campaign reporting. Intent on providing a solution for marketing managers, business owners and agencies that enabled accurate measurement and optimisation of marketing campaigns with the auto-insertion of call data, the result of which we named Call Locker.

Why you should use Call Locker

As technology advances, there are now several of call tracking tools on the market, very few, however, offer the rich data that Call Locker produces at such a low cost per call. With our easy to use dashboard and incredibly quick setup, we believe that our call tracking solution is the best call tracking software available. A feature-rich pay as you go call tracking solution with no-contracts that will provide you with incredible insight.

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