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Local and National Phone Numbers

London, Paris, New York or Shanghai, your phone number says a lot about your business. Whether you want to appear as a local business or a global brand, choosing the right phone number can dramatically increase your reach and conversions.

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Call Analytics

Take control of your online and offline marketing spend by making informed decisions drawn from Call Locker's inbound call analytics system. Giving you valuable insight into the performance of your campaigns all in one unique holistic dashboard.

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Call Statistics

Get in-depth statistics on each inbound call made to your business with the best call tracking software on the market. Call Locker's call tracking tools provide you with unique insight to call duration, average wait time, missed calls, bad lines and much more.

Get In-Depth Call Stats
Call Forwarding

Forward telephone numbers with ease and flexibility. Call Locker's call divert capabilities ensure you never miss a call, whether you’re in the office or on the go. With call forwarding, you can receive calls on any device wherever you are, and redirecting calls only takes a few minutes.

Forward your calls to any device
Powerful CRM

Call Locker's integrated CRM provides everything a business needs to manage, track, and nurture leads. Expanding on what is currently available in the marketplace, we have developed a deeply connected CRM like none other.

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Call Recording

Call recording is an incredibly useful feature that helps preserve call data and is instrumental in customer service, employee training and development. With just a click of a button, you’ll be able to record any outgoing or incoming calls with no added setup.

Record your calls with ease
SMS Messaging (inbound/outbound)

We make it easy to create and launch marketing campaigns that help you hit your goals — whether you’re trying to grow your audience, sell more products, improve customer service or build your brand. Our simple to use text messaging interface is a dream to use.

SMS messaging for business
SMS Marketing

Did you know that 90% of SMS marketing messages are read within 3 minutes and that they have a 98% open rate? Take SMS to the next level with Call Locker's SMS suite. Easily launch and manage new SMS marketing campaigns that set you apart from your competitors.

Market your business with SMS
SMS Forwarding

With many customers preferring to send text messages, Call Locker's software makes it easy to receive SMS messages straight to your forwarding telephone number directly from your Call Locker assigned number. Broadening the ways that you can reach and communicate.

Forward SMS messages to any device
Call Blocking

Block and prevent phone numbers from calling or sending you SMS messages. Tired of receiving calls from telemarketers or robocalls? We make it simple to add a blacklist so you'll never hear from them again.

Block calls to your virtual number
SMS Missed Call Notification

Never be out of the loop with Call Locker's SMS notifications. Setup SMS notifications to notify you of any missed calls to your tracking numbers. Once created Call Locker will send you an instant SMS message making you aware of any unanswered calls to your tracked numbers.

Get an SMS when you miss a call
Email Missed Call Notification

Stay on top of your communications with Call Locker's missed call notification sent directly to any number of email addresses. Once configured the Call Locker automated system will send notifications of any missed calls or faxes received by your forwarding telephone numbers.

Get an email when you miss a call
Email Voicemail

With Call Locker's Voicemail to Email feature, you need never miss a call again. Receive voicemail by email, either as an audio file or set the option and our system will automatically transcribe the email for you in text form.

Voicemail Emailed directly to you
Call Whisper NEW

Call whisper allows you to add your custom message that plays when you pick up a forwarded call. This can be any message you like - for example, playing a message that informs you which campaign the call is coming from.

Custom whisper on incoming calls
Browser Calling NEW

Call your contacts straight from the browser! You don't need any special hardware, just pick one of your numbers you wish to call from, click 'Call Contact' and it'll start dialling! Couldn't be easier

Call from your browser
No Contracts - Only pay for what you use

At Call Locker, we don’t believe in charging users for call minutes or texts that they never use. We also don’t believe you should be stuck in a never-ending contract. We charge per call and text message to keep your costs to a minimum. Complete freedom with no contracts and simple pay as you go system.

Simple, affordable and amazing value
Purchase numbers or remove number instantly

Don’t wait days or weeks to get your new number setup with your telecom provider, all you simply need to do is browse Call Locker's selection of hundreds of thousands of numbers that fit perfectly for your business and click to buy. Once finished with your number, click to remove instantly.

Never be stuck with numbers for years
Save more money with your very own conference calls.

Telephone conferencing services can be expensive for both you and your customers to call. Take control with Call Locker's conferencing feature and run your conference calls on your phone numbers. Simple to set up on our dashboard and to manage wherever you are in the world.

Set up conference calls with your number