Simple, transparent pricing. Always know what you’ll pay.

Simple and Affordable

At Call Locker, we don’t believe in charging users for call minutes or texts that they never use. We also don’t believe you should be stuck in a never-ending contract. We charge per call and text message to keep your costs to a minimum. Complete freedom with no contracts and simple pay as you go system.

Voice Calling

Receive and create calls using our enterprise-grade VoIP calling, billed per second.

Toll free inbound calls charged at
£0.12 / min

Outbound Calls

Outbound calls made by you


Inbound Calls

Inbound calls received by you


SMS Messaging

Fast, reliable message delivery through our globally connected API.

Outbound SMS

SMS Messages made by you


Inbound SMS

SMS Messages received



Two-way communication and localized brand interactions in 50+ countries.

Any Number

From local to international